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ChamSys Compact Consoles  - A full console that fits in airline carry on

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Free 8 layer HD Media Player

ChamSys has released their free MagicHD Media Player for both Windows and Mac.  MagicHD supports 8 layers of HD media playback either as part of MagicQ or as a separate stand alone application.

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Free MagicQ Lighting Control Software - Including Free 3D Vizualizer

ChamSys software, the same as used on our consoles, includes the MagicVis enabling Lighting Designers to design and visualise their shows on up to 64 universes. Download a copy here. ChamSys visualisation is provided as part of the FREE MagicQ software - no purchase is required to use MagicQ with visualisation or to control real lighting rigs.  To learn more about the benefits and features of MagicQ check out our MagicQ Page.

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MagicQ Stadium Console - 500 Universes

ChamSys exhibited at Frankfurt Pro Light & Sound and showed their new MagicQ MQ1000 Stadium console.

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